Friday, July 22, 2011

SOLD!! And the sign said, "SOLD"

Just is case you wonder why there have been no recent posts, we have been packing and moving. The PUPS and we are heading down a new PATH. My first post, "Independence Day", noted that the sale of our house was pending. Well, on July 20th, we closed and finished moving. At high noon, we offically turned our home over to its new owners. To tell the truth, we still moved two full car loads yesterday. We have most everything stuffed into a 900 sg. ft. cabin. It does have a full basement. We do have some furniture in the basement of the other house next to the cabin.

I'll share a few photos:

The sign reads, "SOLD"!!!!

First load ready to go!

Unloaded and moving out furniture to make room for all our stuff.

Our new home till we pick up the RV.

Load # 2 ready to go to the cabin.

Eddie and Bumble ready to do another trip.

The PUPS heading down a familiar PATH for the last time!!!!

The PUPS heading down a new PATH!!!!


  1. Great news! We have clear memories of moving to a smaller place for a short time before moving all that was left into the motor home. A lot of work. Love the pictures of the dogs on the pathways.

  2. Congratulations!! One step closer... We are so happy for the two of you:o)) Can't wait to see where the new path leads.....

  3. BRAVO!!! So happy for you guys - our turn next!!!!