Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Toy!!!!

Getting ready to RV full-time means getting all your toys together. When we sold our last RV we sold our kayak, so, it was time to start looking for another. On Wednesday we were in Greensboro so I just "had" to go by REI. Turned out to be an expensive trip! I called my Tahquamenon River friend, John, for his input. Couldn't decide on a model where you sit on top or one where you get down in it and sit on the floor. The two we narrowed it down to where a Dagger Axis 10.5 and a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100. These old knees and back made me go for the "sit on top" model, the Tarpon 100. Come to find out the roof mount system is almost as expensive as the kayak. But after some moans and groans from Evin (because of the 100+ degree heat), we got the mount installed to the Escape's luggage rack and we were on our way.

Believe it or not, we made it home!!

We just let the Tarpon sleep on top of the Escape for the night. After our morning two and half mile walk with the PUPS on the PATHWAYS and going back for a 10 mile bike ride with Doodlebug we planned to go to Price Lake and put the Tarpon in the water.

These PUPPY PATHS are great for walking or riding!!!!

Just had to take one flower photo....

Or two....

Or three!!!

Or FOUR!!!!

Doodle holding down my bike while Evin and I take a break.

Cooling off before the launch!!

Leaving shore on the Tarpon's maiden voyage!!

Price Lake view from the Tarpon!!

Doodle looking for fish or submarines!!

We had kayak company.

I couldn't resist one flower photo!!!!

You can rent boats or kayaks at Price Lake.

We made it back home!! We like the Tarpon 100!!!!


  1. What a fun couple of days!! So glad to see you are getting the IMPORTANT stuff first;o)) Love the color of your new kayak...we will see you coming!!

    I'm hopping to be paddling in just a couple weeks. Just a little more rehab and I will be good to go!!

    Keep walking....Nancy :O))))))

  2. What a nice toy (necessity). Good looking, too!