Sunday, March 31, 2013

Picasa Enhancements

I am trying to learn more about photography in relation to back lighting, shadows, & angles. Also, I wanted to take a look at and compare some of the Picasa enhancements that I can use to improve the look or detail of the images I shoot. Also, "to matte or not to matte"!!

Image sharpened.

The original shot unframed.

Uncropped with a simple white matte and black frame.



The above shot I sharpened the original image and used an olive green matte that I think, in this case, enhances the image. Below is the same shot without the matting and also one with a simple white matte and black frame...


Below are three images of the same shot. The first is "as taken" with no enhancement or lens filters. The second is with "sharpen" enhancement applied once and the third is with "sharpen" applied twice. To me, it is most notable with the leaves of the palm trees. The shot was taken pointing the camera directly into the setting sun. Hence, the reason for the bronze look...


Below is an acrylic painting by my artist friend, J R Secor, unframed. It is then framed in a narrow black frame followed by a thicker frame. No matte is used or glass covering so the painting can breathe.

Next is photo that our RVing friends Mike & Terry gave me of a lighthouse scene near there home in Michigan. I sharpened the image one application.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Looking Back To Learn

Of late I have been looking at some of my old shots and the time of day I took them to figure out going forward when the best time to go out with my new camera is to get the desired results. Of course, sunrises and sunsets are not too difficult to figure out. The question is which ones are "the one" that should not be missed. Below are some of my favorites...

Highway US 1 or The New 7 Mile Bridge @ Sunset

The Old 7 Mile Bridge Comes Into View On The Right

The next four photos are some of my favorites which I have included in previous post. However, I have never seen them framed. So here they are...

 This view is what keeps them coming back, year after year!!

Oklahoma Pistils!!

In September of 2011, I visited my son Trent and his family in Edmond, Oklahoma. There were some beautiful flowers in their garden and you know me and pistils...


Always take the time to smell the "roses" along the way. Even if the flowers aren't roses!!