Monday, September 21, 2015

The Way East

Click on any photo to make horizontal photos larger.

On Saturday, after three months and nineteen days, Evin, Eddie, Bumble and I left Angel Fire RV Resort. It was bitter sweet leaving Jim & Janet, Sherry and our new friend Christine. We hope to see our friends Carol Ann and "Big Steve" in Edmond, Oklahoma; but, today, we find ourselves broke down in Amarillo with car transmission troubles. 

Also, it is a surreal experience for me not having Doodlebug on my lap helping navigate our journey down the highway. Her ashes, encased in a carved wooden box, ride along with us on the dash of the motorhome. 

We have left behind us the cool lush green mountain valley on Northeastern New Mexico and we have come upon a grassy plain as we enter Texas. The above photos were taken with my Galaxy 4 cellphone, a photo remembrance of our trek East.

Below I take some similar scenes with my Nikon D7000. Can you tell the difference?

Heading East!!