Saturday, July 9, 2011

....Can Justice Be Found?? - Part Two - Or As RV PAINTER Suggested, "WATER-GATE-MELON"

There were some other suspects. One was a "real" toad of a personality. He was found later that night at the scene of the crime. His name is "Edward G. R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ." (Last name withheld to protect the innocent.)

Suspect # 1:  Edward G. R _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

The second suspect claimed to be on the couch at the time of the crime. She looked guilty and had a dirty face. Would DNA tests reveal watermelon? Her name is Bumble B _ _ .

Suspect # 2:  Bumble B _ _ .

   The third suspect is really a dark horse. Not horse, I mean "cat". He hangs out at crime scenes. Notice the yellow tape in this photo. He claims to have been just passing through and his being picked up was just a misunderstanding. They call him "Blackie White Paws", but his real name is Black C _ _.

Suspect # 3:  Black C _ _.

The fourth suspect is know for getting "down and dirty" real quick. You may have read or heard about him before. You know, the " who never met a mud puddle he didn't like." His name is :  Eddie D _ _ _.      

Suspect # 4:  Eddie D _ _ _.

The fifth suspect is know for coming from a tough background. Reportedly, she possibly has strong crime connections. Been seen with the Edgar G. mob of late. Her name is Doodle B_ _.  At her arraignment, she was very adamant about her innocence.When asked what her plea was, she was belligerent and screamed,

                            "Not Guilty!!"                                           

Suspect #5:  Doodle B _ _.

Three suspects were taken into custody. Through hours of investigation it was determined that they had the ways and means to commit the crime. They were held in custody at a local lock up....                                


The key suspects in custody!!

But....Before there could be a trial a shady looking visitor came to the jail and with the aid of their accomplice, there was a ....

                     JAIL BREAK!!!                           
The suspects were last seen rolling down the highway. Their families, believing in their innocence, sent out a plea for them to turn themselves in. The argued that they would forever be looking over their shoulders!! Afraid of who may be following them....

They will continue to run because the one that hollered, "INNOCENT", the loudest, knows the truth....

"You looking at me?? Would I do such a thing?? Not me!!"

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