Monday, July 4, 2011

The Blackberry Tree!!!!

The pups told me it was time for their/our daily walk. Received an email from Nancy instructing me to do the daily walk "before" blogging. So, before it got any hotter, out the door the pups and I ventured. Reluctantly, Evin stopped packing and going through stuff. Together, we set out to see where the pups' path would lead us. Early on we took a familiar path. I was looking for some wildflowers. Here is some of what we found today.... Just out our backdoor....

What a beautiful deep blue. It is growing wild but its color is like a flower I have in the beds at the house.

I am still learning with my phone camera. It is a Droid and it is 8 mega pixels. Near the wild beauty was the "first of the year" of one of my favorites.

Couldn't get as close as I wanted to with the phone camera to do this little beauty justice. I just happen to have some close ups that I took with another camera late last fall.

So after waiting for me to take the flower photos, the pups got back on the path....

Eddie soon got off the path. He is all boy. Or should I say, "Kid!!" He never met a creek, stream or mud puddle he didn't like.

Did you notice his tongue?

Just a few more of today's wildflowers....

We continue on our "puppy 'venture" and did we ever find a treat! Or was it something we could use to make us a treat?

A blackberry tree!!!!

It was hard to get a photo at a distance so you could see the blackberries and see there on the tree; but, here is a close-up of a branch....

Can hardly wait to make a pie!!!! God has many gifts just waiting for us to see and enjoy. We just have to get up off our duffs and go looking. Who knows were the next few days' puppy paths will take us?

Well, got to get busy fixing some sun dried tomato baked beans for the neighborhood cookout later today....

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  1. See, walking brings the world to you!! What wonderful things you found along your way today :o)) Especially those blackberries and boy do I LOVE pie ;o)

    Happy Fourth of July!!