Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Girl with the Green Felt-Tipped Pen. And Her Gift of a Map....

Well, Nancy is more of a lady than a girl. Just like me, she has grandchildren. Guess I had Stieg Larsson's trilogy on my mind when I was thinking of a title for this post.

Earlier, in a post, I told the story of how Phyllis "directed" Evin and me to Michigan's Petoskey State Park where the campground host gave me the map with places marked to see in the Upper Peninsula. Remember, we had already been to the U. P.; but, we didn't know to see these places the first time around. Well, here is the map and one can see where that gracious and thoughtful lady, Nancy, marked "don't miss" points of interest on the Michigan map....

                                ....with her green felt-tipped pen!!!!

The Map of Michigan's Upper Peninsula with the Green Felt-Tipped Pen Markings

Nancy and I discussed all the places she had marked in detail. She also told me about other places that she had not marked. She told me about out of the way waterfalls and lighthouses. Some she said were at the end of some narrow roads. Not ideally suited for exploring in a wide body dully truck. That's why she hadn't marked Crisp Point Lighthouse. But, she encouraged us to go there. I took detailed notes as she talked and was determined that while we were still that close to U. P. backtracking made sense.

The second trip to the U. P. was much different from the first. I really came to appreciate it. The second trip changed my life. I bought a refrigerator magnet that says it best....

The next photo is just one of the many beautiful, serene and spiritual places of natural and man beauty we saw the second time in....


Fayette Historic Townsite
Fayette State Park
Garden, Michigan

The sail boat was just there for a day or so. It was just a "postcard photo opportunity" waiting to be taken. I sort of got carried away as you will soon see.

But, let's start at the entrance to the park. We had no idea what to expect. Nancy had told us that Fayette was a town where two blast furnaces were built in the mid 1800's for the production of pig iron. We learned that the furnaces were in operation from 1867 to 1891. As many as 500 people lived in the town when the furnaces were in full operation. Today almost 20 of the buildings still remain. To make pig iron, which is used to make steel, local hardwood forests were cut and limestone was quarried from the nearby bluffs to purify the iron ore. What remains today is not only interesting, it is a photographer's wonderland.

Doodle checking out the sign at the entrance to Fayette Historic State Park.

She was enjoying riding "shot gun" for a change.

She was on duty, scouting for the perfect campsite.

After a long drive, we decided to take it easy and go to the townsite the following morning....

"Doodlebug, are you enjoying to the story? Or bored?" Don't you appreciate Stieg?

Unwinding as an art form.... Eddie has no shame!

Bum chilling in the shade.

Almost forgot, we stopped for a puppy potty break on a side road several miles before coming into Garden. After seeing the above beauty and more, had to take the photo opportunity....

The "Pups" sure picked the right time to have to go pee!!
Could you believe these were just growing wild on the side of a road that was no more than a path!!

Just had to add this one, too!!
Evin, the "Pups" and I go down the path from the campground to the townsite....

These were along side the path on the short walk to the townsite...

Tiny, tiny. When something suddenly caught my eyes....

Evin wants one!!!!!!!!!

Let's get back on the path....

Suddenly the wide open path, where all the flowers were growing, became shaded by trees on both sides!! No more flowers, too much shade!!

But now there were rock cliffs and bluffs....and the wonder of some trees desire to survive. Trees were literally living on the edge!!!!

Finally an opening.

Where  there is adequate sunlight, there are weeds!!

Notice how the shade obscures the flowers in the lower part of the photo? Look below!!

Finally, the town!! The path was not that long; but, taking photos takes time....

Paths going in all directions!! Which way do the "Pups" want to go??

Stay tuned, we'll see in a future post....



  1. What a beautiful place! I know we can't get there this year because we are meeting friends in Traverse City, then I have consulting presentations in Indy. We will have to come back, like you did, but not this year. Your blog is great. Dianne noticed the same flowers, especially the orange ones, when we were walking at Tahquamenon Falls yesterday. We added your blog to the side of our blog page so it will be easier for us to access. We are planning to take in some of you Petoskey/Charlevoix suggestions on the way to Traverse City. Thanks so much! Roger and Dianne

  2. Wow! You've convinced me that we definitely need to see this place. I don't know if we'll be able to do it this year. A few other pieces have to fall into place. We have commitments to family this summer and then have doctor/dental appts back in NC the end of Sept. We may have to put it on our "come back to" list as it doesn't look to be a place we'd want to rush through.
    Thanks so much Steve. I've bookmarked the post so I can get back to it easily.
    Gail and Rick

  3. Great Post, Steve!! Beautiful flower photos. We have added Fayette State Park to our TODOS list. I have a feeling that Michigan list might get a little longer;o)))