Saturday, July 23, 2011

Caldwell County Pathways!!!!

Today was our first Saturday at the cabin. Nancy, with her recent surgery,  inspired me to get my buns up and out of bed early. By 8:00 AM (!!!!!!!!!!) we were at Caldwell County Pathways which is only 4.25 miles from the cabin. One thing I hated about leaving our home in Winston Salem was the great place we had to walk the Pups and all the great Paths. There are some really great wild flowers to see on "Rit's" land. So I really didn't know what to expect on the Caldwell County Pathway which is in Lenoir, North Carolina. So what follows is our first day on a new Pathway with the Pups!!!!

This was laying on the ground at the foot of the cabin steps!!

I turned it over to get a view of the other side.


The FIRST FLOWER that I see on the Pathway!!!!

And then this!!!!

A visitor!!

My favorite wildflower at "Rit's" is also HERE!!!!

The PUPS almost at the end of their first day on the new PATH!!!! Caldwell County Pathways!!!!
More adventures to follow....

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  1. There is no doubt.... this path is the BEGINNING of A Beautiful Journey :o))