Sunday, August 31, 2014

Golden Beauties, Again!!

The PUPS and I continue to enjoy our days in Eden with our friends Byron and Mary and their children. Most mornings Eddie and Doodlebug are anxious to start our early morning walk. They look forward to an afternoon walk as well. Out of habit I take my Nikon and try to improve on shots of the prevalent yellow flowers that greet us on our PATH...

The PUPS enjoying their afternoon adventure.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tobacco Leaves & Bees!!

August is almost gone and so are most of the summer flowers. Pickings are slim, so, one will have to just get accustomed to lots of yellow. The bees are still here and one already knows that I like to take photos of them.

The PUPS and I awoke to overcast skies, a photographer's dream. So it was up and out on our now familiar PATH, even before breakfast!!

The PUPS hustle on the PATH for their morning adventure!!
Come along and see what catches our attention this morning...

Today's subjects will be yellow flowers with a tobacco leave backdrop and bees "doing what bees do best" on yellow flowers!! Plus, we revisit the orange bugs on the milkweed seedpods and we may have a surprise or two!!

Don't know the name of this orange and white moth or butterfly.

The sap and seeds of the milkweed plant can be toxic!! So can the milkweed bugs that feed on the sap and seeds!!

Next below are three photos of the yellow flower(s) with the tobacco plant leaves that I used as a backdrop in the earlier similar photos.

See the ladybug?!?!

Looking back toward our current home after a morning adventure!!