Saturday, July 30, 2011

"U F O" or Unidentified Flower (Plant) Objects!!!!

I took literally thousands of photos on "Rit's" Land. Some common weeds have some really strange and neat flowers on them. So, as we move forward to full-time RVing, I will continue to look back from time to time and share what wonders were just out our back door in our non-RVing "stix-n-brix" previous life. Nancy and Bill are RV-Dreamers that have their house on the market in the Myrtle Beach area and are moving toward full-time RVing for the second time. They have been great role models for Evin and me. If you follow their blog, "NANCY and BILL  Our Road to Retirement", you will see that they are living their lives to the fullest while they are waiting for that special buyer to come along and become the new owner of their current "stix-n-brix".

But I promised some UFOs!!!!

Must be honest, "this" was taken in our dear friends Faye and Frank's backyard!!!!

Ready to colonize the planet!!

How about a "strange" insect!!

This planet has 5 suns!!!!!

The skeleton of a crashed mother ship!!

Bumble searching for UFOs!!!!

An astronaut has landed and is about to explore!!

Crash landing!!

The lumpier the better!!

Bumble spies a landing site!!

More UFOs to come!!

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