Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Never Met a Mud Puddle He Didn't Like!!!!

I was sitting in my recliner this morning on the computer reading RV PAINTER's daily blog. Hadn't even had breakfast and Eddie gave me the "let's go walk" look.


So I got up off my duff and the "Pups" and I set out on our walk. After last night's rain I had a good idea of what to expect. The ground was not as wet as I expected; but, I did see a puddle or two.

Eddie eyed it; but, he passed it bye for now....

I wanted to go by the "blackberry tree" and see if I could get a better photo. What do you think?

The "Blackberry Tree" close up!!

After continuing on, I looked for my favorite orange flower. But the first one of summer was gone and I could not find any more. I'll show you what the plant looks like without the flower.

Can you imagine what it looks like in full bloom?

Near here I found wild strawberries!!

More interesting stuff followed,

An interesting tree stump,

'rooms and more....

interesting desing on tree bark....

strange looking ?? weeds??

 ....and some fallen flowers that made a bush appear to have blooms!!

Well, it was time to head back for breakfast and you guessed it....


....might as well lie down after a long walk!!!

So as we head for home, Doodle gives me the look as if she was saying,


This "Puppy Path" leads to home!! Get moving.... Nancy would be proud!!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, she is :o)))

    Even damp, muddy days are great days for a walk ;o)) We would love to have some mud puddles down our way...it is so dry!!

    You have embraced this walking idea and as Syl would say, "found beauty in the ordinary!"

    I also think there are 3 puppies that think this walking idea is a good thing also!!