Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunset After The Tornado

Yesterday, an almost two mile wide tornado touched down for close to an hour near Oklahoma City in Moore, Oklahoma. Many lives were lost and unimaginable damaged was done to hundreds of homes. We are so lucky that we did not have storms here. The same storm front just went a few miles north of Somerville. Near sunset there were still a few clouds in the sky...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of Moore, Oklahoma.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

No. 2: Majestic Oaks & Sunset

Tonight there were no clouds in the sky. But, there was some haze and as a result there was a big orange sun...




...guess there were some clouds...
...but, still it was
another beautiful Texas day!!

Majestic oaks @ sunset!!

After a great day on the water and two wonderful meals with family we were not disappointed with a another gorgeous Texas sunset...

Truly blessed!!

Some dreams do come true...

It is May 19th and Evin and I had planned to be in upstate New York or Canada with some friends we made in Florida this past winter. But, a dream came true and we had a chance to workamp near my son and his family near Houston, Texas.

AZ is four years old and I had only seen her a few times until this month. The past few days' photos will show why we chose to go to Texas for a hot summer instead of cooler days with friends up North. Here are just a few photos of a great, great weekend...
Who is the "apple of Granddaddy's eyes"????

AZ is, as in Aislyn!!


My favorite quarterback, Whit!!
 AZ is not so sure of this kayaking thing!!

The race is on!!

Will the race winner raise his or her hand!!
 Is that the peace sign or the acknowledgement of second?!?!?
Trent and Amber coolin' it as Evin and I do the grandparents thing!!

What a nice weekend for all!!!!!!!