Monday, July 11, 2011

The Path Leads in Four Directions - Part Two of Fayette Townsite

I ended my most recent post, "The Girl With the Green Felt-Tipped Pen. And Her Gift of a Map...." with a photo of the intersection at  Fayette Townsite where paths lead in four directions. Evin, the "Pups" and I were amazed as we entered the townsite. It was like we were stepping back into ...."somewhere in time". So to refresh your mind and your eyes, here's that intersection ....

Which way do we go first????

To be honest, I was drawn to the waterfront and the limestone shell of a building. So let's head in that direction first .... Straight ahead and then take the path to the right!!

I walked down the path pictured above and as I turned my head to my right I saw this incredible shell of a building that has stood from the 1860's .... I was not ready to enter the building. I first had to walk around it and peek through the open window openings. Time, weather, or a fire had removed the building's roof, floors, wooden windows and doors. All that remained were walls with stone lined openings and the basement ground floor that Mother Nature now carpeted. It was an experience that I cannot adequately describe in words! Spiritual, serene, and mystical come to mind. Enough of words! So if you will allow me, I'll let the lens of the camera do the speaking for me ....

I walked around the building without at first entering, amazed with what stood before me windows looking out in all directions, framing some of the most picturesque sights my two eyes had ever seen ....all I had to do was turn my head in one direction or the other ....So I entered ....but, not just yet. One more peak looking in from the outside ....But, I could see all the way through the building to the "outside of the far side".... Finally, I entered ....

The doorway into the past!!

One can see the stone footings and foundations where once an interior vaulted ceiling,  floors, and walls were built. Now grass and wild daisies flourish ....

I could not take my eyes off the sailboat!!! I wanted to remember it framed in stone, antique boards and brick!!!

One last look at the interior before going down the path .... There is so much more to see .... Stay tuned!!

And I just want Nancy in Michigan to know we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers. Thank you in the most sincere and appreciative way for convincing us to go back up to "Yooperland!! We would have never seen the above and much of what follows.... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, what an interesting and beautiful place. Definitely a future visit when we get this way again.