Monday, January 23, 2012

Part Three: A Caravan of Kayakers!!

All the different colors of kayaks really peaked my interest. Did some neat studies with Picasa 3.



The tranquil and reflective poses that follow also drew my interest....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Part Two: A Caravan of Kayakers!!

We were told that 80 kayakers started in the caravan at Key Largo and about 40 will finish at Key West. I got up early the next morning to do photos of their leaving Knights Key.

There was a tent city; but, most tents were packed before daylight.

Sea kayaks are looooooooooog!!


A Caravan of Kayakers!!

Evin and I went to Sombrero Beach again and while there we followed a caravan of kayakers back to Knights Key. We saw our first sailing kayaks and I paddled along side one near Knights Key.

For info on sailing kayaks:

More of this old beauty to be seen in a later post.

The closed old bridge to Boot Key.

Caravan members start arriving at Knights Key RV and Marina Campground.

Thanks Bonnie for a photo of me taking photos!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

This Afternoon!! Just Another Day In Paradise!!

The PUPS let Evin and me know that they did not want us taking a kayaking trip this afternoon or going anywhere without them. So, we decided to go down a PATH we had already been down.

Back to Big Pine Key and No Name Island. And you know what that means....

Got any treats???????

And some of their friends hanging out on the bridge....
as seen below....

Will follow later with what else we saw....

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sunrise After the Storm!!

After the storm I got up early the next morning to see what I hoped would be a glorious sunrise. Doodle went outside with me. We were just behind the RV looking East toward the large marina. For the first time the mosquitos and can't see ems got to me. There was no breeze. It was dead calm I think for the first time since the PUPS, Evin and I arrive at Knights Key RV & Marina on December 1st. I do not know if you consider these shots to be of a bay or the Atlantic Ocean.

I have just, at our friend Chris's encouragement, changed to Picasa software for photo editing. This new program allows me to  "paint" my favorite shots and enhance the features I like. So here goes, please bear with me as I learn to use this software....

This is pretty much what I saw without any contrast, fill light, highlights, shadows, color temperature enhancements to the shot.

I could not see the little mangrove shoot in the dark. I believe it adds a lot to this shot....

....nor could I see the small shorebirds. I could see the heron.