Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Omelettes Anyone????

My Internet friend, Dick Secor, AKA:  RV PAINTER, has a great blog for lovers of great art. He often posts "start to finish" photos of the various stages of  his paintings. He works in acrylics and his methods of painting are Plein Air and studio work. Plein Air means "in the open air". More often than not, Dick does not stop from start to finish when doing one of his paintings. Spend some time on his blog, , and, if you wish, go back several weeks and be sure to see his apples, plums, Southwestern margaritas, wine and fruit, olives, and the fruit smoothie paintings. Buy one if you like.

So in tribute to Dick's inspiration, I present "Omelettes Anyone????" My style is part Plein Air (eat outside on the patio) and part studio (kitchen). I use a Droid phone camera, a computer, stove, toaster, and a lot of stuff from the refrigerator and pantry.

Step 1:  Open the refrigerator!!

Step 2:  Get out the ingredients!!

Step 3:  Place the egg in a bowl of hot water in order to bring the egg to room temperature!!

Step 4:  Prepare other ingredients!!

Step 5: Saute the sun dried tomatoes and spinach!! Of course, beat the egg with a fork or whisk in a small bowl!!

Like so!!

Step 6:  Add butter to the empty omelette pan and melt. Add egg and cook on medium high!!

Step 7: Add sliced Jalapeno peppers and chopped onion. Then add sauteed sun dried tomatoes and spinach!!

Step 8:  Add shredded cheese of choice!!

Step 9:  Lower heat to medium and take off burner when the cheese has almost melted!! While the cheese is melting prepare toast, juice and coffee!!

Step 10:  Take omelette off the burner and then place it on a plate and folder over!!

Step 11:  Enjoy!!

Don't forget the toast and jam!!

FIRST BITE!!!!!!!!


Bumble says it is hot outside and she wants couch delivery!!

Don't know if I can eat the whole thing????!!!!

But I did!! I ate the whole thing!!

Now, who's going to do the dishes????
Two whole sinks full!!!!

Nancy would say, "NOW GO FOR YOUR WALK!!!!

Darn, I forgot to slice the watermelon!! Oh well, I still have half a Jalapeno pepper
...and tomorrow is another day!!

Hey, Dick, I did it in one sitting. Start to finish!!!!

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