Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Crime Was Comitted Here Today!! Can Justice Be Found??

A brutal crime was committed today. A previously whole, intact, healthy, innocent victim was hacked up into many pieces. We are following the crime story trying to make some sense out of this senseless crime. Below is a picture of the victim with some of his questionable "friends" during a better time when our victim had it all together. They may be relatives. I not sure. Could it have been our victim was hanging out with the "wrong bunch"??

You can see from above, they appeared to have it all together. One can see they were living on the edge. But soon, they started playing with knives. And....we all know what our mothers told us would happen if we played with knives!!!! Some one's going to get hurt!!  And sure 'nuff, someone in the wrong place at the wrong  time got cut!!

 Things soon got out of hand! And before long a second stab occurred....

As it turned out, it was just one of many cuts that would follow...

Before we knew it, salt was added to the wound!!!!

Different knives were used!! Our victim was taken outside and cut up into little pieces!!

Soon there was hardly anything left of our victim!! For shame, who could do such a dastardly deed??

We started looking for clues. There was talk of a cover-up!!

But we demanded transparency!!

An confidential informant called in a tip. And we soon found the "perp" trying to dispose of  some of the evidence!!!!!!!!!

We're told the suspect was taken into custody; but, broke loose, still in restraints, and made a run for it!!

Guess the "perp" just got started on the wrong path....Could it be that our "perp" was actually a "pup"?? ....and instead of a run, was it a "swim for it"!!

Will the "perp" always be on the run??

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  1. This appears to be a crime similar to Watergate coverup and all!!!- Hmmmmmmm what shall we call it Hmmmmmmmm ---I know --- WATERMELON! :>)