Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Good Day!!

We awoke to a gentle rain. A perfect morning for Doodlebug and me to take a walk with the Nikon...

The yellow calla lilies are looking better after the recent rains!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

A "RED" Letter Day!!

Today I started early but took the time to check out one of the trumpet flowers before I left to help my brother pack up my father's household belongings. Unfortunately my father will not be returning to his apartment because of his declining health. I took my father to physical and occupational therapy. One of the things I took to my parent's room in skilled nursing was a large photo of my mother's parents. I held it close to her eyes and asked who the man in the photo was. She answered., "That's my daddy!" and when I pointed to the lady in the photo she answered, "That's my mother!".
This is the first time in almost two years my mother acknowledge correctly when asked a question about identifying someone.

After my parent's lunch I noticed that they both were in a very good place and so I called my brother and Evin to come meet me outside with my parents. My mother loves flowers so I took more flower photos while I was waiting...



A good day under our current circumstances is very, very special!!