Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day!!!! First day as a blogger!!!!

And the sign says, "Sale Pending!!!!"

Independence means differt things to each of us. Recently, after writing and sending several long emails to friends about our decision to sell our home and resume our RV adventures, I asked myself, "Why not do a blog?" Although we had taken several thousands photos on last year's RV escapade, we had only told stories of our travels. Most of our photos were on disks in my computer bag. I hadn't even taken the time to download them. We had not put anything down in writing. I feared that in time we would forget where and when we saw what and with whom. My friend Nancy, a blogger, has been encouraging me to start a blog for quite a while. I used the excuse of not starting because I didn't know when our house would sell. So when our house sold, I no longer had an excuse.

So today, July 3, 2011, will be the new beginning of our journal about our journey toward freedom and independence from the "stix-n-brix" lifestyle. My wife, Evin, and I experienced our parents sitting on a couch or in a recliner in front of a TV as their "golden years" were passing by them. Of late, Evin, on the couch, is doing the same while I, in my recliner, am often doing something similar, vicariously reading other RVers' blogs and knowing as I read that it could and should be us on the road, too. Again!!

Twice at day, in the morning and in the cool of the evening, Doodlebug, Bumble and Eddie come to the foot of my recliner jumping and barking for me to get up off my duff and take them on a "puppy 'venture". Having spent almost 4 months last summer RVing, they know the path they wish to take.

So, come join Evin and me as we get up off our duffs and travel along on our RV path with our pups - (from left to right) Doodlebug, Bumble and Eddie. Hence our blogs title: Puppy Paths.

We came to the decision to RV because we like to travel. Before Doodlebug, Evin and I took an annual cruise with friends. We had traveled by car and plane to all of the states in the Continental United States and Alaska. Evin's been to Hawaii. I haven't. Had a chance, but instead choose Hong Kong as a side trip when I spent a month in Japan back in the 1980s. But that was another life and another story.

To start the blog, we will revisit our RV journey to date for it is part of our ongoing struggle to be free, totally free, for the first time in each of our lives. We both were "raised" to have an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Ruled by guilt and shame. Just didn't feel right doing something good or expensive for ourselves. We have been together over 15 years. On more than one ocassion we had come close to "pulling the trigger" on buying an RV. We kept allowing our parents and some friends talk us out of it. Our adult children actually encouraged us to spend their inheritances. Despite last year's "bump in the road", they are still encouraging us to go for it.

Enough said of what got us to today. Let's start at the beginning of our RV story.

In 2008, Evin "retired" after the death of both of her parents. Her employer wanted her to come back to work after three days of bereavement. She had just lost both parents in three months. She was not ready and so, after 30+ years in a lab, she said, " I'm done. After what I've been through, I wouldn't want me screening my slides." So, we decided to follow our pups' lead and go on a path different from the one our parents had traveled. You are welcome to come along with us!! The pups lead and we follow. Our RV journey begins....


Well, the clock has struck midnight!!

Happy Independence Day!!!!!

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  1. WOW...Great first blog post!!

    Can't wait to see all the wonderful places you have been:o))