Monday, July 4, 2011

The Road We Traveled To Find ....That Less Is More!!!!

Had dinner with neighbors to celebrate the 4th. Great grilled chicken and all the fixings. The sun dried tomato baked beans Evin made were a hit. Only a small spoonful left. Still can't remember to take photos before I eat. I'll share some photos from tonight; but first wanted to share one I took the other morning on the patio after I had almost downed ...."the whole thing."

The coffee cup is special ....
Bought it from Marsha La Tulip at La Tulip Pottery and Tile Works in Garden, Michigan .....
But more about that later, got get back to the present.

I did remember in time to take a photo of the 4th of July cupcakes. They tasted as good as they looked!!

Tom and Fran gave us a nice going away card ....
It almost looks like a car pulling a RV....

The message is: 

May good luck follow you wherever you go.

 Speaking of cards and messages, tonight I read Syl's blog:

"Wandering Sylville ...find beauty in the ordinary"

Syl is celebrating her 50the birthday and will soon be retiring from the Raleigh PD. She shares a few words from a card her Mom gave her and one Gin gave her. I think, as does Syl, that the messages are special, especially to those of us who have made the decision to start a new life RVing full-time. I hope it is okay with Syl that I share from her blog and her cards. I made a change or two so it will apply to those of us at any age.

Our age " a great age to be - You know who you are in life, this is the key...You've done many things but there is still more to do...New goals to be met and dreams to come true...New people and places and reasons to be glad - Enough to make...this year the best year you've had."

"I know the things that make life happy can't be love, time, and kindness. Yet they're the best gift of all."

                     Thanks Syl and Happy Birthday!!!!!

There was a storm tonight and after the storm there was a beautiful sunset. I can't think of anyhing better to use to close this post.

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