Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Colorado River Kayaking!!

For almost two weeks the PUPS and I have been with some wonderful Escapees in Quartzsite, Arizona. This past Sunday a group of us went to Blythe, California and kayaked on the Colorado River...

Where I parked looked like an oasis.

The staging area.

Delcie in the center leads off. Freddy is to the left and Terry is on the right.



Janice & Jerry

"Big" Steve & Carol Ann on their way to rescue Freddy who got caught in a whirlpool!!

Terry tows in Freddy's kayak.

Jerry helps Freddy drain out the water.

Freddy & Delcie are back paddling away!!

Janice & Jerry paddle up the side of the lagoon.

Looking back to where we started...

A calm oasis.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Rose Blooms In The Desert!!



My RV-Dreams friends Carol Ann and Steve invited me to go with them to the Desert Bar outside Quartzsite for the afternoon. As you will see, it was quite a trip...

Doodlebug and Eddie anxiously watch as we prepare to leave...

 Many others had the same idea. It is a long, bumpy and dusty mining road to the Desert Inn...

  My friend and photo mentor, Carol Ann!!

 Along the way I met a cowboy, Tom!!

Sandra, a beautiful desert rose!!

More photos to come...

Mi Tierra Cafe Y Panaderia and Artist/Muralist Robert Ytuarte!!

My son, Trent, highly recommended that I eat at Mi Tierra while in San Antonio. As you will see, I was not disappointed and there is a lot more to see at Mi Tierra than just the food. But, first, I rode the city bus in from the KOA and when I got off the bus my attention was drawn to a park to my right and a mural on a hospital building wall...

"Spirit of Healing" 80 foot mural by Jesse Trevino
Santa Rosa Children's Hospital

  Mi Tierra Cafe from across the street.

"Mi Tierra" means "My Country"


A lady I met recommended the Mexican hot chocolate!!

Trent recommended the chiles rellenos. The meal was outstanding!!

I sat in the far corner of the restaurant next to some sliding doors that were closed when I sat down. Suddenly the door opened and I spied some colorful wall murals...

From a distance I see the artist, Robert Ytuarte, hard at work on his magnificent mural.

What a privilege it was to spend time with Robert Ytuarte, such a talented artist. He shares with me that he also loves to take photographs as well.

The artist depicted on the left by Robert Ytuarte is Jesse Trevino, standing in front of his work, "Spirit of Healing".

One more shot of Ana!!

I could not resist trying a "Cuernos de Pina"!!

What a special day at such a festive place!!