Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good light this morning!!

This morning the PUPS, Evin and I walked 5 miles on the Caldwell PATHway. It was a perfect morning with great light for taking photos. Some of my favorities are in full bloom!!


This is a new one that I saw for the first time this morning!!

I just couldn't believe these!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Today it rained!!

Just had to show you what the rain did for my favorite flowers. They are really coming out and brighten our daily walks.

The light was just right!!

I wonder how many people walk or bike by these beauties and never see them??

Thank you Nancy!!

Oh, yes, I have done five miles in one walk already!!

Just one more for the road!!

The starting point of the five mile walk.

The PUPS on the PATH and ready to go s'plore.... as in explore!!

The PATH to wellness!!

We made it the first tenth of a mile. Only forty nine more tenths to go!!

Just have to take a creek break!!

Even a fense couldn't keep these beauties out!!

Get behind the 8 ball!!

Evin and the PUPS get off the PATH and take a break!!

Two down....only three to go!!

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Weeds or flowers?? You decide!!

Half way there!! Time to turn around and head back.

This weed must be a flower!!

Just couldn't resist one more shot!!

FIVE MILES feels good!!

Nothing like looking at the PATH through "flower colored glasses"!!!!

The Strawberry Tree!!

Earlier, I did a story post about the "Blackberry Tree". Well, in the same area near "Rit's" cabin there are several "STRAWBERRY TREES"!! That is actually one of the names the bush or tree is called. Last Fall, I discovered the first one. I have since found several more in different woods. Just before moving, on one of my many walks on the PATHS with the PUPS, I found several of the trees with the "strawberries" just starting to grow. So I will show the photos in reverse order of when I took them. Taking photos with a phone camera is really tough. Some days the light is not right and it is almost impossible to get a close-up photo to focus. Sometimes I take 20 photos to get one or none good enough to use. PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE.... That is what it takes. Some days I have more patience than I have on other days. I plan to buy a new camera when we get the RV. For now, I am happy with my Droid.

So here is the Strawberry Tree!! The first photo is one I took that came out "focusing challenged"! I then tried again and got the second one. Try, try again!!

See the green strawberry!!

I took twenty two photos of the one strawberry tree that day. I got a few good ones. On some days there was no way to focus. If the sun is bright, I can't even see what I am taking and have to wait till I get indoors to see if any photos are keepers. On this day I got a few more keepers. I'll share....

Want to see some ripe berries?? I did use a borrowed Nikon taking these.

At a distance.


Don't even ask how I got these colors. Couldn't do it again if I had to!

Just wanted to give you a size perspective. That's my hand.

All of the above was out my backdoor the entire time I lived next to "Rit's" cabin. I just had to go outside and look. There is so much to see "out there". Again, that's the reason for selling the house and buying the RV!!!! We are going to travel all over this great country and walk out the door and walk many new PUPPY PATHS with our four legged babies. Please come along with us. We'll share our adventure!!

What did you think about the "STRAWBERRY TREE"????