Monday, April 28, 2014

Tonto Natural Bridge

The WIN group went to Tonto Natural Bridge. By the time we got there the sunlight was too bright for good photos. But, I took some anyway...

On the steep hike down to go under the natural bridge I met this lady sitting on a rock under a tree. She seemed so at peace and had a beautiful smile. She brightened my day.

 The raven soared above the top of the natural bridge.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shots From A Few Hikes

My friend, Chuck, serves as a coach and inspiration. Chuck had a heart attack several years ago and today is in great shape. He motivates me to get out there most days and take in the beauty that is all around in Arizona...

Chuck standing in a circle that may just be a vortex!! 

Is that a boulder or is that a boulder!?!?!?!?

Cacti growing our of solid rock!!

Jim Cairn taking a cell phone photo of a cairn!!

 Cairns like the one above and those below were everywhere.

We reached our goal, the waterfall!!!!!!

Chuck, Pam and Jim were great hiking companions.

The view as we finish the Sycamore Creek Canyon hike. 

Then I am on to the Rim Club for drinks and dinner with Pam and her husband, Tony, and Chuck and his wife, Gerry.

Gerry and Chuck, married for 50 years!!

Gerry and Pam seated and Tony and Chuck standing.

Below is Creekside Steakhouse and Tavern that Phyllis recommended.

One of the best Rubens I have ever eaten!!

Carol, Margie and Sami on another hike.

Foundations of Native American dwellings were a real treat on another hike.

A reward after a hike!! Dinner at Chuck and Gerry's with Jim also in attendance. Bee Line cherry pie, homemade like my mother's and grandmother's on the left and Chuck's great cherry cheese cake on the right. When one hikes 3 to 6 miles a day it is okay once in a while to have two desserts!! Jim agreed and had a piece of each also. I promised not to tell Patti!!!!! ;)

On a hike with the PUPS I saw this beautiful yucca in full bloom!!

I am standing on the edge of the Mogollon Rim where Chuck and I hiked.

Chuck with some real American heroes. They are hiking from the coast of California to Washington, DC to call attention to climate change.