Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Photo Lesson!!

The PUPS and I are visiting our Oklahoma friends Carol Ann and "Big Steve". Carol Ann is a Master Photographer and you may remember that she put my camera together for me in December 2012. From time to time she critiques my work and makes suggestions. Today, she showed  me how to shoot off "automatic".


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Insects & Flowers

The PUPS and I have set out on a PATH back to North Carolina for a while. We stopped at a rest area in Texas and one in Oklahoma. Just had to take a few shots of some of the flowers and some of the insects that were attracted to the flowers.

Texan Red Velvet Ant that was in Oklahoma!!
Above is the female who is wingless and has a nasty sting!!

Do you see the bug on the golden flower on the right above?

Do you see the green fly?!?!?
Above & below!!

If you look close you will see two flies and another bug on the above wildflower.

I'll end this post with the above photo, one of my favorites of late. When I took it I was thinking of my dear friends Faye and Frank. One of the reasons that I am heading east instead of west is to be with Faye and Frank.

Faye has been in the hospital for a month. I just got great news that she was going home, finally!! The barbed wire represents some of the sharp pain and tough times that life sometimes brings us and the flower represents that there is still beauty around even in rough times.

Faye loves flowers as much as I do. This post is for her and my "brother from another mother", Frank. Their good news really brightened my day!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Request!! Headlights & Lightning!!

I had a request to do some of the mountain shots in black and white. So here tis...