Sunday, September 30, 2012


It is rainy season in the Keys. We have a little rain almost everyday. As a result, we are having cloud cover that is just ripe for brilliant sunsets. Last night, we had "red skies in the sunset"...

The first photo is actually the last one I took and was taken after sunset. It is at the pedestrian/bike entrance to the Old 7 Mile Bridge. There is just something about all the shapes there that continue to attract my eyes...

Got a little cross ways on this one!!

Sorry, RV PAINTER, you haven't given me any paintings on your blog in a few days. So, I had to pick up the slack, again!!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fiery Clouds Last Night!!

Last night Doodle, Evin and I rode to the Old 7 Mile Bridge because we anticipated that there would be another brilliant sunset. After midnight there was a storm that had the loudest thunder that we had ever heard in our lives. Storms normally mean brilliant sunsets. Last night Evin saw her first "green flash" this time out and I saw my second. I tried to get it with the Droid; but, the shutter speed is so slow that it is almost impossible. I came close.

I rode my bike several time yesterday and a time or two I left my Droid in the RV. I'll start with what attracted my attention yesterday besides the anticipated sunset. I will end with the "Fiery Clouds" that amazed us last night...

Bumble wanted to say, "Hi!!"
"The LIFEGUARD"  was on duty at the Tiki Bar beach yesterday.
We got excited when we got to the Old 7 Mile Bridge pedestrian entrance at 7:12:03 PM. That's Evin stopped in awe on her bike on the far left in the photo. Note the sun is setting closer to the bridge. By December, it will be setting on the other side of both of the bridges.
Taken at 7:13:54 PM.
Taken at 7:14:14 PM.

If you enlarge this photo you may or may not see the "green flash". It would be at the horizon below the bright yellow horizontal cloud. It was taken at 7:14:15 PM. Evin and I both saw the flash. Three ladies standing beside us blinked and did not see the optical phenomenon.

NOTE:  If you click on any of the photos it will bring up just the photos without my narrative and the photos will be larger.

There was more to see than the sun setting on the horizon. Evin reminded me to look 360 degrees and this is what the Droid caught...

Evin and Doodle checking out the Gulf of Mexico horizon.
Gulf of Mexico side of the Old 7 Mile Bridge.

The Old 7 Mile Bridge railing. The bridge was first used as a railway express to Key West. After severe damage to the railway in the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 it was converted to vehicle traffic as US Highway 1.

Fishing and diving in the Gulf of Mexico.

Looking South toward the Atlantic Ocean over the New 7 Mile Bridge or US Highway 1 just between Mile Markers 47 and 46.

Looking back East toward Knights Key. That is Hawk's Nest Condos on the far right point. The entrance to the pedestrian/bike walk to Pigeon Key is on the very left between the palm trees. That is where I shot the first sunset photo where Evin was on her bike on the left in the photo.

If you look up high left of center you will see that the moon is already high in the sky. Straight behind the power pole in the center of the above photos is where our RV home is parked on Knights Key. If it were not for the trees I could take a photos of our site from the bridge.

After the sun had gone down at 7:22:46 PM. What a fiery cloud show we experienced!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012


At times we take our surroundings for granted. Often I would ignore the ordinary sites that we saw most every day. These photos remained on my computer for almost a year. It was only when I was told that my older computer was crashing that I realized I had better move or do something with some of the photos that were only on that computer. So, here is what I found besides the "TRESPASSER" photos...


Do pelicans kiss??

Approaching a water landing...

The "LIFEGUARD" is on duty...
Walking his beat...
Never knew how much colorful a pelican can be...
 What is the fuss all about??
 What this gathering and the fuss is all about!!
The guy on the right got lunch!!!!

"The T R E S P A S S E R ! ! ! ! "

Kayaking can yield lots of surprises. That is if you pay attention to your surroundings. As you may already know, I like to take photos of signs, gates, bridges, highways, etc.. On this particular day, December 16, 2011, I was kayaking in Knights Key RV Resort and Marina's harbor and a "NO TRESPASSING" sign on a dock across the harbor drew my attention. So, I paddled over to take a photo with my Droid...

If you look closely, you will see a "TRESPASSER"!!

I got closer in the kayak and the intruder scurried away...

It was a nice sunny day and I found that there were...
Keep your eyes open!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Is Measured By Moments That Take Our Breath Away

The above is taken from a quote that is on a garden ornament that our dear friends Jack and Carol have at their lake shore home in Maine. Tonight I happened to look out the window and saw the sun going down. I rushed to the Old 7 Mile Bridge with my camera phone. I had not taken any sunset photos since September 20 because we were either busy or there were so many thick storm clouds that there were no colorful sunsets to photograph. I did take a few photos on September 22 while on security rounds at the marina.

On each evening I had my breath taken away...

One mile marker on September 20 at 7:22 PM
Seven minutes earlier.
The sun is actually setting on the right side of the bridge.
Same time, same spot, looking west toward the Gulf.
Photo above is lightened so highlights can be seen.

Photo take on September 22 at 5:52 PM. It was a very overcast day and photo appears to have been taken on a full moon night.
Same photo as above lightened to highlight color.
Knights Key RV Resort & Marina, Marathon, Florida
Storm clouds tonight at 7:19 PM.
On their way to view the sunset.

As other were leaving, too early. I actually stopped several people and told them to turn around and see what they were missing.

My breath was taken away!!!!

After sunset I looked toward the Gulf and in the twilight I saw ...


What a breath taking experience!!!!