Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Bighorn National Forest

Did you know that the Big Horn Mountains is spelled as two words and that the Bighorn National Forest is spelled as one word? On August 9, 2012, we took the following drive and were not disappointed...

Entrance into Bighorn National Forest.

The road ahead...
Artist Jim Kasper's "The Overseer"


  1. Just noticed you have a follow vehicle. We plan to stay put at stops for longer stays and do some workamping. Wondering what your thoughts were on keeping a spare vehicle to follow?

    1. Since we now tow the car with the motorhome we have done it both ways. Evin didn't mind following behind but I like it better with her riding with me. She had a problem keeping up with me and I didn't think it was safe for me to always be looking in the rear view mirror for her. Did fine with the truck alone but with a dually truck sometimes things were a little tight and the Escape worked better. If you are going to be workamping it is probably a good idea.