Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doodle On The Old 7 Mile Bridge

Last night it was so overcast that there was no color in the sunset. Doodle and I still made the ride. Tonight, as you will see, was different...

Last night at 7:34 PM. 
Bill and Nancy, just wanted you to see Doodle and I rode all the way to the end...
Doodle at the end of the Old Bridge tonight at 7:32 PM...
Doodle taking in Mother Nature's evening light show!!
Evin came along for the show.

A nice evening's ride enhanced by some beautiful scenery. Can you see where the water meets the sky????


  1. Way to go...all the way to the END!!!

    I am on the campground WIFI:o))) So got to look at your post and enjoy the photos!!

  2. You continue to inspire me to both exercise and to also take photos. Thank you both!!!!