Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway & Beartooth Pass - Part 1

The late CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt called Beartooth Pass/Highway "the most beautiful drive in America."  To get there from Cody, Wyoming, you can choose to go via the Chief Joseph Highway. I think the round trip was something like 120 miles. We spent 9 hours taking the drive. We could have taken 9 days and would still be taking photos in awe. What follows is just a few of the hundreds of photos we took...


This is a mountain that we could see from Cody and on the drive to the Chief Joseph Highway. As you are about to see, we could also see once we got on the highway...
Sometimes I just like to take pictures of the colorful rocks.
Sometimes we were part of the scenery.

From the mountain side we saw this gorge...
Then we got to the bridge over the gorge...

What a beautiful PATH the PUPS and Evin found themselves on this day... 
Can you see the bridge over the gorge? That's where we just were...
Can you see an orange vehicle in the road is this photo?
How about now?
Believe you can see it now! This is how you do zoom with a camera phone... CROP!!

Do you know what it it??

Is this a mean looking snow clearing machine or what?!?!?

More to come in Part 2 



  1. Love the picture of the mountain reflected in the lake. Dianne just commented that you and Evin look great. Full-time RVing must agree with you.

    1. Was just driving down the road and saw the small lake. Had to back up. Have several more I will try to email you if I ever get caught up. Had little to no internet the most of the time we were out West.

      Thanks for the comment about looking "great". The heat took my hunger away. Usually only ate twice a day. RVing does beat the "sticks and bricks".

  2. What a breathtaking scenery. The mountain is really beautiful. You guys looks like you had the time of your life.
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