Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back "HOME" in Florida!!!!

We left "BABY", Bill and Nancy and three days and eight hundred+ miles later we arrived at Knights Key RV Resort and Marina where we are going to spend the winter. We have a great site with some shade; but,we are not far from the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and the Tiki Bar, the Seven Mile Bridge, and Knights Key Marina. All, and a great bike path. All are on the PUPS' PATH within a short walk or bike ride.

My dear friend and mentor, O. C. Bennett. What special times we shared together pursing our mutual passion - training some really great bird dogs. I am very sad to report that O. C. and his wife, Stewart, lost their North Carolina home of sixty plus years to Hurricane Irene this past Fall. They have moved to Merritt Island, Florida where they now live in a beatiful home with their son, Dail, and his wonderful wife, Cheryl.

What a great and special time Evin and I had with (from left to right) Stewart, Dail, O. C., me, Evin and Cheryl. Notice Marilyn looking over my shoulder.


Just had to do a few flower photos from Dail and Cheryl's yard for Bill N...
And, yes, Dail's name is spelled correctly.
Stewart and O. C.
We had a great meal at Cheryl's table and in a great waterfront resturant at Cape Canaveral. Note Stewart and O. C. sitting outside "GRILLS TIKI BAR" waiting on Evin and me to arrieve for a great lunch!!
The PUPS', Evin and I are so thankful to be back in the Keys. What a bonus it was to spend time with Stewart and O. C., along with Cheryl and Dail. Last night, I took just one more, of many thousands before, photo from the Knights Key Tiki Bar and beach. Our sincere thanks to Zell and Cindy for encouraging us to come to Knights Key to visit them this past December. Never thought that our lives would change so much. We went for a week's visit and stayed over three months, only to return for more adventures this time out... STAY TUNED!!!!

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