Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Sun!!

Last night and this morning I rode my bike to the 7 Mile Bridges to see the sunset and the sunrise. Doodlebug went with me this morning. Here is what I saw last night and what Doodle and I saw this morning...

This photo is for Nancy and Bill. It shows that Doodle and I have just ridden the bike two miles to Pigeon Key on the Old 7 Mile Bridge. This is where the movie "True Lies" was filmed. Just think, Arnold and Jamie Lee were is this very spot.

Doodlebug is one of her favorite places, the bike basket. Pigeon Key is in the background.
Last night's sunset from the Old 7 Mile Bridge.
The Gulf of Mexico from the Old 7 Mile Bridge. 
What a dramatic view.

This morning on the Old 7 Mile Bridge over Pigeon Key.

After a two mile stroll one can walk down to Historic Pigeon Key!! Just follow the arrow...

Pigeon Key's Yellow House 
A new favorite of mine... Can you see the flowers on the tree?!?!

This morning's sunrise Looking from Pigeon Key toward Marathon.

The Old 7 Mile Bridge is a great place to walk or bike!!

 Looking toward the Atlantic Ocean & the New 7 Mile Bridge from the Old 7 Mile Bridge.

Hawk's Nest Condos on the point.

Mile Marker 47 on the post to the left.

Campground is open, come on down...

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