Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Wonderful Visit With Wayne, Chris & Gordo!!

In April, we made a spur of the moment side trip to upstate New York to visit our new friends Wayne and Chris at their lakefront home on one of the finger lakes. We meet them at Knights Key.You may have already seen the wonderful day we spent with Wayne at the Coring Museum of Glass. Well, there is more to the story of our visit...

What a seat for a sunset!!
It is a tough life what with winter in the Keys and the rest of the year having to sit here!!!!
Wayne giving direction for the photo shoot...
After numerous takes, this is the best the "director" could muster...
He kept saying, "EVERYONE LOOK AT THE CAMERA!!!!!!"
Eddie doing what he enjoys most!!
Well, almost best!!! Eddie had a "great time" with his buddy, Gordo.
What a wonderful meal Chris put on the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peppers roasted to perfection!!
Hey Bill, they had some wildflowers in their yard!!
Can you imagine this scene in the Fall? It is not far from where Wayne and Chris live. What a beautiful part of the country Wayne and Chris call HOME!!!!

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