Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dinosaur National Monument & Flaming Gorge!!

The photos will do my talking for me. We got to these two Utah scenic places by chance. Phyllis and a lady in the Utah Visitors' Center just outside Dinosaur National Monument told us to be sure to go to Flaming Gorge. We are so glad we went to both places. What a beautiful drive and time well spent. Again, we went to both places by chance.

This photo was taken in a parking lot in Dinosaur National Monument during a rain storm. I had a lot of trouble choosing which photos to use. In some cases I will use two similar photos. Maybe I will later decide which one to omit. I got out of the car and took several without the parking lot in the photo. The wild flowers/weeds really caught my eyes.


Our camping site in Dinosaur National Monument.
Doodlebug anxious to go fossil hunting!!
Another view from up on the main road.

Just kept stopping and pulling off the road to take photos. Beautiful scenes were everywhere!!
Postcard scenes were around every turn in the road!! And we haven't got to the dinosaurs yet....

A storm was brewing!!
The Visitors' Center at Dinosaur National Monument.
Heading toward Flaming Gorge!!
When we got to the Gorge we found that a lot of trees had been hit by lightning.

Can you see the boat?!?!?



A view from the winged shaped visitors' center.

We finished our visit with a great lunch at the Red Canyon Lodge!!

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