Thursday, September 20, 2012


When we left off we were on the road to Ghost Ranch. Let's start back at the gate...

The view once inside the gate if you look back toward the highway. Cerro Pedernal is in the distance. This scene greeted Georgia O'Keeffe every time she left Ghost Ranch to go to Abiquiu. No wonder she was so inspired to paint...

Many movies have been filmed at Ghost Ranch. Most recent was "Cowboys and Aliens". Some others that you may remember were:  "3:10 to Yuma", "City Slickers", "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull", "Georgia O'Keeffe", "Wyatt Earp", "Silverado", "Comanche Moon", and "The Missing". I believe the above cabin was used in "City Slickers".

Dinosaur fossils are found at Ghost Ranch.

We are back at the gate. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Ghost Ranch.


  1. What a thrill to see this area again. I did a lot of plein air painting in this area during the 5 years we lived in NM.

    A wonderful trip down memory lane - Thank You!!!!


  2. I am having a similar experience doing the posts from the photos in the Abiquiu area. It is like living the experience all over again. I would do some things different next time out. Didn't take some of the tours and next time I will. Would go in the Spring or Fall also.

    I am so glad you are enjoying the little journey. That inspires me to do more. Thank you, too!!!!