Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On To The Maine Woods Wonderland!!

We left Wayne and Chris in upstate New York and headed to the Maine home of my best friend in high school, Jack, and his wife, Carol. On the way the PUPS had a moose cross their PATH.

And we found some boots big enough to fit me!!
Ate some great lobster!!!!
Bought some souvenirs. And the on to Jack and Carol's beautiful lakeside home...

Their home is literally in the Maine woods!!
A less obstructed view of their lovely home.
A view of the rear of their home.

The view from the rear deck.

They also have a very nice garage.
I volunteered to cook my "FAMOUS OMELETS" for breakfast...
...with pepper jack or...


Is this a hearty Maine breadfast or what?!?!?!?

I know Carol enjoyed every bite of her omelet!!!

Note Jack's empty plate and toast and jam for dessert!!!!
In a short while I couldn't find Jack and Carol.
Guess what I found?????????

You know what this calls for!!!!!!

The PUPS on a new PATH in the Maine woods...

 Are you tired already??

What a wonderful time we had with Jack and Carol. The above saying is in their flower bed. It says it all!!!!

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