Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just a little more Abiquiu...

At the time we were in and around Abiquiu I don't think we realized how much we were seeing. And to be honest, I think we just made a small dent into what there was to see, experience and enjoy. Next spring, we may just have to go back. I wonder if there is some way to prepare for the altitude discomfort. It is real; but, with scenes like below to capture your eyes and imagination one can usually find a way to deal with a little discomfort.  I started my day with a little walk around the campground and then we headed to Abiquiu.
At the bathhouse these flowers and the bee caught my eye.

The Rio Chama south of Riana Campground going to Abiquiu looking northwest back toward the campground.
Same spot but looking south toward Abiquiu.
There is a bend in the river here.

We headed back north toward the campgound after our short visit to Abiquiu.


  1. Great photos Steve - Santo Tomas a great place to visit. Glad you went back and posted these photos.

  2. I just looked at all of your Abiquiu posts. Great pictures. BTW, we were just there and the temperatures in Sept. were in the mid-80s ---- not bad. We were surprised to find several marked hiking trails that were not there three years ago. What a great place to just kick back and relax. We will stop there every time we drive through that part of New Mexico.