Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Abiquiu Lake and Cerro Pedernal Is Georgia O'Keeffe Country

There are four or five blogs that I follow almost everyday. Three of them are:, and It is, in part, because of photos and suggestions from the authors of these blogs that the PUPS, Evin and I were found Abiquiu, New Mexico, "Georgia O'Keeffe country", on our PATH.

On July 2, 2012, I did a post, "New Mexico photos of Georgia O'Keeffe country". The photos used on that post were only a drop in the bucket of the thousands that Evin and I took during our two weeks in and around the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Riana Campground on Abiquiu Lake. So I decided to share just a few more of the photos of the area.

I know that Roger & Diane, Dick & Melissa, and Rick & Gail consider Abiquiu Lake and the surrounding area to be a very special place. I would encourage you to make your visit to the area in the Spring or Fall. It was a tad bit warm there in June and July.

Only July 4, 2012, we took a little afternoon drive. What follows is just a "few" of the many photos on that short journey...

The arrow points to what fascinated Georgia O'Keeffe, Cerro Pedernal. She moved to Abiquiu from Santa Fe to be near "the Pedernal". She painted it many times in all four seasons. Her ashes were scattered at its 9,862 ft. peak.
Evin and the PUPS at the foot of Cerro Pedernal.
Similar view from a dry creek bed.
From a fertile field.
Perhaps my favorite view?!?!? This trip has just started...
Hey RV PAINTER, is this an artist studio or what?!?!

Didn't want Bill N. to feel left out!!
I wonder if "the Stones" live here? And are they a family of 5?????
From along side Highway 96.

Okay, I have a thing about fences...
Since we have pulled over, let me back up and show a few of the photos I took at the start of the journey as we left Riana Campground on Abiquiu Lake...
The earthen dam that helps make the Rio Chama the 12 mile & 5,200 acre Abiquiu Reservoir.
This spot is a good place to take a break. More, much more, to come...


  1. Thanks for the memories! Are you still taking all your photos with your Droid?

    1. Yes; but, I am thinking of buying a Nikon D7000.

      Are Rick and you going to the Carolina Clan RV-Dreams Rally in October?