Thursday, June 5, 2014

Worth Framing?

Some time ago I went a little crazy and framed a lot of the photos I took. Not real frames, just on the blog. I have never had one of my photos printed. Looked into it one time just didn't ever do it. Not much wall space in a motor home.

I will start with one of my favorite subjects to photograph, flowers!

Rio Grande Gorge northwest of Taos, New Mexico

Earthship Biotecture House on Highway 64 near Rio Grande Gorge northwest of Taos, New Mexico

The photo above is the Rio Grande Gorge as seen from Highway 68 heading north just a few miles south of Taos, New Mexico.

Below is "The Gorge Burger" proudly served at "The Gorge Bar & Grill" in the Plaza at Taos, New Mexico.

Below are some scenes taken on Highway 64 heading south from Pogosa Springs, Colorado near the New Mexico Border.

Just some of the things that have attracted the PUPS' and my attention during our recent travels.

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  1. We did some hiking near the Gorge Bridge a few years ago. Fun.