Monday, June 9, 2014

The Many Faces of the Santa Fe!!

I am not a shopper; but, when I have my camera in hand I do enjoy taking photos of other people shopping. On the day I took the shots for this post the shadows in Santa Fe Plaza were quite a challenge; but, I kept shooting anyway. At times, the only way I could take my subjects out of the shadows was to "paint" them. 

I started taking photos even before we got to the Plaza...

 Lois, Paul, Viv and Carol wait for me before we enter the "La Fonda"!!

Marvin & Peggy graciously stopped for a quick snapshot!!


I walk but soo I take a double take as I look in the door of a shoppe...

I say, "Excuse me sir, but can I take a photo?!"
A gentleman named Ben turns around and with a big smile on his face he says, "Well, sure, where are you from?!?!"

Seems to be thing about my Southern accent!!

Ben & Linda also graciously agree for a snapshot!!

Trish, the gracious lady that has been scheduling all my fun!!

Dad looks intently on as his daughters are jewelry shopping!!

They, too, graciously agree for me to take a photo!!

Marvin and Viv take a break on a park bench. I know that Marvin was contemplating a Cowgirl's award winning green chili cheeseburger!!

Do any of you PUPPY PATHS followers recognize the lady taking it easy on the park lawn?!?!?

Is that a neat cowgirl hat or what!?!?!?!
Thank you Margaret!!

Margaret joins Viv on the bench!! 

Just couldn't stop taking photos of Margaret in her handsome hat!!

Now on to Cowgirl's and that green chili cheeseburger.


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  1. Thanks for the memories. Dianne and I had a great breakfast one morning at La Fonda. I recognized it immediately from your picture. I bought Dianne a silver and turquoise necklace from one of the Native American vendors on the plaza. Continue to have fun.