Tuesday, June 17, 2014

For Faye: Pie!! Sunset!! Flowers!!

Frank, "my brother by another mother",  called today to let me that his dear wife Faye was in the hospital back in North Carolina. Faye loves flowers about as much, if not more than, I do. Frank and I like to eat good food equally. Everyone loves a beautiful sunset. So, this post is for Faye and Frank. Just want you both to know that I am thinking about you and that you are in my prayers.

Tart lemon meringue pie at Harry's Roadhouse on Historic Route 66 just outside Santa Fe. 

My photographer friend Pan about to enjoy some of my pie!!

The PUPS and I are in Albuquerque for a few days getting repairs done on the RV. Above and below are some sunset photos taken in the hills near where we are staying. The flowers shots that follow were taken at Myers RV where the work is being done. 

Remember, BEAUTY is everywhere!! 
One just has to take the time to look!!
Often it is right there on your PATH!!

Faye, these are for you. Thinking of you. Enjoy!!

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