Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paddy, Jo & Mike @ Dar al Islam + A Surprise!!

Dar al Islam, a non-profit Muslim organization and education center, is located on a hill top approximately 10 miles south from Riana Campground near Abiquiu. Dar al Islam literally means house or abode of Islam. On its property is Plaza Blanca which I shall cover in another post. 

For three days I attempted to take photos of the Dar al Islam buildings because of their unique architecture. On my fourth attempt I finally found the gate, heretofore locked, to be open. Was I ever in for a visual and spiritual treat. For you see, as Fate would have it, I met Paddy, Jo & Mike who were also visiting Dar al Islam near gate locking time. They were gracious enough to allow me to include them in my photos. I always try to have people, pets and/or vehicles in my photos for I feel it adds perspective to the shot.

From left to right:  Jo, Mike and Paddy

Below is the same shot without the two very attractive models. It pales in comparison in my opinion. Again, thank you Paddy and Jo.


Don't you just love Paddy's hat. In fact, I bought one similar to it on my last visit to the Abiquiu Inn.

My thanks to Paddy, Jo & Mike for being good sports and allowing me to capture some memories of their visit to Dar al Islam for them. Several times during my travels I have had people turn me down on my offer to record their visit to some beautiful place for future memories. Sadly, it was their loss. 

Today's photos could have been much better had the light not been so bright. But the nice and attractive subjects made my effort worthwhile. Stay tuned for more hummingbirds and Part Two of "Decision Day @ Abiquiu Lake"

Speaking of light, while I was typing this post I looked out the front window of the motor home and what did I see but what appeared to be not that promising of sunset. I snapped the shot below to just see what it looked like. Sometimes what you see with your eyes and what the camera records look a little different. Because there were lots of clouds I decided to keep shooting. 

What follows is in the order in which I shot. Only about two of the photos were adjusted and then only "shadow" was added to darken out the white of RVs that I was shooting over when I turned to see what was going on with Cerro Pedernal. I shot on "auto" or on the scene "sunset" setting.

Above photo was darkened just to see what effect I could achieve.

Turned out to be a right nice sunset after all. I didn't see many fellow campers out of their rigs. Just look at what they missed!! 

Tomorrow is probably moving day. Just hate to leave the lake and the surrounding area. Oh well, the PUPS and I are off on a new PATH to further adventures!!!!



  1. Thank you for the photos, Steve~ You are the consummate traveler ... open, friendly, engaging, and wanting "just one more picture". Wishing you safe and adventurous travels down the road. Paddy

    1. Paddy, you are so kind. May a gentle wind always be at your back and may bright and beautiful days be ahead of you always.