Monday, June 30, 2014


Hot and messy work results in some really creative and beautiful art at both Shidoni Bronze Foundry and Tesuque Glassworks. Believe it or not, I did not have enough time to see all the outdoor art at Shidoni because we had to have enough time to see what there was to see at Tesuque Glassworks. At the end of the day my eyes were tired, honest.

June was a very, very busy month for the PUPS and me. A lot of interesting sights and adventures came across our PATH. It is hard to have a favorite for the month; but, both Shidoni Bronze Foundry and Tesuque Glassworks sure exceeded my expectations. So get ready for lots and lots of beautiful art work, indoors and out.

A bronze of Tommy Hicks, Shidoni's founder.

Small size for indoors and desk or table tops. Later, outside and larger than life.

On the left in the above photo is the finished bronze sculpture. On the right is the artist's wooden carving used to make the ceramic mold for casting.

Bronze on left,  wood on right.

Bronze on left, wood on right.

HEART and...


Shown earlier but now from a different angle.

Do you recognize "Georgia O'Keeffe"?

Slightly different angle. I kept going around and around in the gallery looking at the works of art from all kinds of angles and in different light.


The next two works (multiple shots of each) are my two favorites!!

Do you know what grade I gave Shidoni Bronze Foundry and Art Gallery????

I gave Shidoni  a "Check Plus" and...



What a very special treat!!

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