Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Long Time, No See!!

 For a week or more the PUPS and I have been on a PATH that led us into two New Mexico State Parks' canyons, Sugarite and Cimarron. Consequently, we have not had cell or Internet service. Therefore, no PUPPY PATHS blog posts. In this time, I have taken thousands of photographs and we have been very, very busy. I have helped count butterflies and band hummingbirds.

In this post I will share what has attracted my interest and eyes the most. In time, I hope to share some of the sites that we have seen in Raton, Cimarron and Eagle Nest Lake.

I have fallen for the columbine, Colorado's state flower, which also grows abundantly in New Mexico as well...

Sunset last night at Eagle Nest Lake near Angel Fire, New Mexico. Is this what the founders had in mind when they named their town, Angel Fire?!?!?

The PUPS demanded equal time with the hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies!!

This butterfly had just hatched. Its wings were still wet and it could not yet fly!

I will end this post with three of my favorite shots of late...

Stay tuned...

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