Monday, June 30, 2014

Thinking Out Of The "BOX"!!

On June 10, 2014, several members in the WIN group toured the Turquoise Trail down New Mexico Highway 14 south of Santa Fe toward Cerrillos and Madrid.  By chance I noticed the entrance to what appeared to be someone's home that liked art...

...and I didn't see the "CLOSED" sign!!!!

We asked permission to enter and it was granted!!

The home, studio and outdoor gallery of artist Kevin Box.

"What inspires me about origami is its simple metaphor for life. We all begin with a blank page, what we choose to do with it is what matters and the possibilities are endless." - Kevin Box

The crane is a symbol of truth, peace, beauty and long life...
This crane reveals the meaning of its life...
As it unfolds into a star... - Kevin Box

Sort of gives a new look at "Rock, Paper & Scissors"!! Kevin Box and Robert J. Lang are quite the artist. I really enjoyed seeing their work in such beautiful natural surroundings.

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