Sunday, January 1, 2012

James did not end 2011 without ever going kayaking!!

Strange how things work out. A very nice family camped beside us for just a few days. As it turns out they are also from North Carolina. Their son, James, had never been kayaking; but, he took Evin and me up on our invitation. What a special morning it was for us. A nice way to wind down the year. Thank you James!!

Could not, could NOT, get James to open his eyes for the photo opp!!!!

Smile Evin!!

James had now gone far and he....  "met my little friend!!"

James would not look into the camera and this guy would not smile!!

5 little pelicans all in a row!!

Doodle on point!!!!!

James spies a pelican!!

The pelican spies James!!

How about if I add a little contrast?

A kayaker is born!!

Doodle thinks, "....taking to it like a duck does to water!!"

Northern end of the 7 Mile Bridge.

James says, "Now, that is what I call a looooooong bridge!!"

"Do I have to obey that speed limit??"

"Do we really have to take a left and go home??????"

"Ok, want to race?!?!?"

Two thoughts, "....the apple does not fall far from the tree!!" & "....closing the eyes in photos is in the genes!!"

"Smile for the camera phone!!"

"Mom, can I have a wall poster for my room?!?!?"


 "Aqua Bound Paddles, and/or Wilderness Kayaks, how about an add poster?!?!?

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