Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Art, Barbara, Jack & Bonnie Experience A Knights Key Sunset!!

Evin and I were leaving the RV to meet Cindy and Zell at the Sunset Grille for Happy Hour. As Fate would have it, as I was walking to the Escape an unknown lady called out to me from her SUV, "Is this a nice place to stay????" Her name is Barbara. She and her husband, Art, are staying at another RV Park and wanted to be closer to her daughter who lives on Big Pine Key. I told her we came on December 1 with plans to stay a few weeks and were now into our 6th week and we might just stay several more months. I invited Barbara and Art to join us at Happy Hour and they accepted.

We had a great time eating and drinking at the Sunset Grille and Evin and I invited them to come back to the Knights Key Tiki Bar beach to see the sunset. On the way Evin met Ziggy, a Labradoodle. Ziggy's people are Bonnie and Jack. They were getting ready to grill some burgers and I twisted their arms to come view the sunset. They had never heard of the "Green Flash" and with a little more twisting they gave in and joined us. So what follows is my photo journal from this point forward.

This has nothing to do with the story. I just saw on the way to the Tiki Bar.

I also stopped to take this photo....

Art and Barbara!!

Cindy (Zell had to report to work), Art, Barbara, Evin, Bonnie and Jack!!

Zell shows up after sunset!!

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  1. Just looked at your last three posts. You are quite the photographer. How do you do the artsy bright colored images? Very cool. The kayaking looked like a lot of fun.