Friday, January 6, 2012

What I Saw Today!!

I took the PUPS on the PATH around the campground a little after 5 this afternoon. I saw a sail boat off the point where we are camping so I took a photo or two. The sail boat appeared a lot closer to my eyes; but, the phone camera sees it further away.

So I cropped it to make it come closer.

Then I painted it to make "red sails in the sunset"!!!!

It was soon time to go check out the sunset. As you may know, this is something that Evin and I do most every day. Tonight, I wanted to also look at people looking at the sunset. The photos I took early were flawed because the sun was too bright. So I painted one or two of them.

But just one more of the sail boat sailing toward the sunset....

As you can see the sun was just too bright.... a little cropping here and there plus a little painting....

Still too much sun....

They came to see the "Green Flash".... but not tonight!!!!

Can you handle one more sunset painting??

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