Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quite the Storm!!

Last night near "Green Flash  watch time" strong winds and rain came up. The rain ended right around sunset and Evin went out to start the grill. She soon called and told me to get my Droid. I went down to the Tiki beach despite the still very strong winds. You know me, I took a bunch of photos but found that high winds can unsteady one's hands. But one or two turned out satisfactorily....

....not this one. Took it while running to the beach as the sun was going down fast!! was about now that I realized that the fishing yacht "GREEN FLA$H" was....


The "GREEN FLA$H" is not on her mooring!!

I soon was told  that it had broken away from its moorings and was drifting toward the 7 Mile Bridge when a RVing/boating neighbor alerted the Coast Guard just in the nick of time. Today, Sally told me this was not the case. It was a fishing trawler that broke away and that the "GREEN FLA$H" had been away in dry dock for three days for an annual cleaning. The "FLA$H" is back in its mooring no less the ware!!!

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