Friday, December 30, 2011

Pelican Sunset & Jeremy Kayaking Off Knights Key!!

Tonight was a beautiful sunset and we saw the GREEN FLASH once again. I missed it again with the Droid phone camera but got a few great pelican flying silhouettes. The shutter speed is so slow I can't shoot in rapid sucession. Maybe I should get a real camera if I am going to keep doing this blog.

At the last minute, I spied a kayak heading in from the 7 Mile Bridge area. Later learned it was Jeremy who was camping a few sites North of our campsite. Being a kayaker, I really like what this opportunity presented tonight. I will start with the pelican sunset. For you see Jeremy was coming in after sunset. Usually I would have already left the Tiki Beach or would not have been looking at the ocean. By chance, I later ran into Jeremy as he was loading his kayak. And you know how bashful I am!!

                     But first the sunset!!!!

One pelican at a distance to the left of the sun.

Two pelicans a lot closer!!

We have been here 30 days and I guess you can tell I like the sunsets with pelicans. Adding a fishing boat heading out to do some night fishing is a bonus. Note you can see the fishing rods and the fishermen!!

Nine, "9"!!!!!!!!!, pelicans a flying!!

Only two; but, I think these are special!!

I first saw the pelican coming toward me and then I spied the kayak.

What a special night!! Thanks Jeremy!!

Did I save the best shot for last??


  1. Dianne and I were just ogling your pictures. Wow. You REALLY don't need a new camera. Your flower pictures are always perfect. The sunset pictures with the sea gulls and the kayaker are amazing.

  2. Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!

    Find it interesting that blog comes from the keys, then Michigan, then the keys.... boy you two sure do get around ;o)) Regardless, the pictures are very good!!

  3. These are great Steve. Amazing memory and so glad I met you both. What an adventure. I hope to see you again down the river!