Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mickey, Sally and Cooper's Boat!!

Evin and I have really been blessed with good neighbors at Knights Key. No sooner did James, Sara and Tee go back to North Carolina than Mickey and Sally stopped to ask if where we were was a good RV sight. I told them "Yes!" and they said they would be back in a couple of days. Sure enough they did return and was Doodlebug and I ever in for a treat. Not only do they have Cooper; but, they have a neat boat.

Mickey promised Doodle and me a ride and we took him up on it today. The water was a little choppy but it was a beautiful day for a boat ride.

Thanks, Mickey!!

The BOAT!!

Cooper, Sally and Mickey!!

Getting ready to put in....

These caught my eye....

There were porpoises between us and this other boat; but, shutter speed to slow to catch them....

I take that back... see the dorsal fin to the right....

You know me and my love affair with the 7 Mile Bridge....

Wow, thanks Captain Mickey!!!!

The 7 Mile Bridge from Mickey's boat....

If you have followed PUPPY PATHS since we have been at Knights Key, you have seen the back of this boat, "Green Flash", many, many times. Thanks to Captain Mickey you can now see it from the front.

This is the house on the left with the neat arched windows that makes a great night photo subject.

I understand that is a HOGFISH!! on the side of the boat.

This is what it looks like at Key Fisheries ready to eat!! It taste better than it even looks!!
Mickey and Sally are going to try it tonight.

Came back from a nice outing with Mickey and looked up and saw a buzzard convention!!

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