Monday, January 2, 2012

Curry Hammock

My brother in law Zell's friend Matt invited the four of us to come up to the resort where he worked near Curry Hammock to do some serious Keys kayaking. We were not disappointed. Cindy packed a great picnic lunch and after eating we were on an adventure.

It is a tough job, the Keys lifestyle; but, someone has to do it. Evin, Cindy and Zell discussing the chore at hand for today. First, we had to eat. What a beautiful picnic area!!!!

There was a hammock at the beach. This young couple from New York decided that New Year's Eve was better spent in the Keys than in New York. Again, this lifestyle is rough!!!!

We haven't gone 100 yards yet!!

Finally out of the tunnel!!

Time for a poster pose!!

Do we go to the Atlantic or stay in the bay?

I decide that I will check out the local real estate.

I am told that this project is a victim of the recent economic bust!!


Also now vacant!!

Curry Hammock State Park!!


What a beautiful place to camp!!
(....if you can get in???)

To the left, state park, reasonable price!!
To the right, private beach, high rent district!!

See the white spot in the middle?

This huge male iguana had this little female right on the edge, almost falling off....

A brilliant green underbelly!!

The old guy had enough of my looking and moved back into the mangroves....

He was HUGE!!

As we were leaving I just happened to look to my left and saw this in a yard. Well, you know me, I just had to take time to check it out. Below is what I found....


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  1. Looks like a great time. Loved the pictures of the iguanas. Fun!