Monday, January 16, 2012

This Afternoon!! Just Another Day In Paradise!!

The PUPS let Evin and me know that they did not want us taking a kayaking trip this afternoon or going anywhere without them. So, we decided to go down a PATH we had already been down.

Back to Big Pine Key and No Name Island. And you know what that means....

Got any treats???????

And some of their friends hanging out on the bridge....
as seen below....

Will follow later with what else we saw....


  1. We still can't believe you two are seeing so many deer! What do the doggies think of them?

    1. Actually, I put several more photos of other deer on this post and when I hit "publish" several disappeared. The deer were everywhere we went that day.

      The PUPS have a time when they see the deer because today some of these deer acted like they wanted to come into the Escape with us. I have some "deer flash" photos for the PUPS thought the deer were "Gonzales burgers"!! After a while the PUPS had seen so many they calmed down a little. Eddie at times would still have a little fit and shake his kennel.